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Details for Ski & Ride School will be shared as we get closer to the 2020/21 winter season. We look forward to welcoming you back for lessons where we will provide a safe and fun experience that will help take your skills to the next level. 

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Whether you prefer steep, technical terrain or flat and forgiving slopes, we have a lesson to help you sharpen your skills and explore the mountain with confidence.

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Come back soon to learn your way in the 20-21 Season.

Afton Alps Ski and Ride School

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Afton Alps Child Ski and Ride School


What ski school programs will be available this winter?

We will be offering both group and private lessons. All ski and ride school classes will have a maximum class size of six. Specifically for 5- and 6-year-olds, the maximum class size will be four. Because 3- and 4-year-olds often spend a good portion of their lesson indoors, we will offer this age group one-on-one, one-hour private lessons. This age group is also welcome to join their family in a full- or half-day private lesson.

What are your enhanced safety protocols? How will you maintain physical distancing?

We will be limiting the class size of all of group and private lessons to six or fewer people. But given physical distancing will not always be possible during a lesson, such as during group lift rides and lunch time, all participants will be required to complete a pre-arrival self-health screening on the day of their lesson. Classes will be considered cohorts and will ride lifts together during the day with their instructor. For all lessons, participants will meet on snow, not indoors. Face coverings will be required.

Will health screenings be in effect, for both the guest and the instructor, prior to a lesson?

All of our employees will be required to undergo health screenings before they arrive at work, with employees undergoing official health screenings at the resort. Ski and ride school participants will be required to complete a pre-arrival self-health screening on the day of their lesson.

When will reservations be open for ski and ride school?

As the season approaches, we will have more information on the ski school reservation process at our resorts.

Do participants in ski school need to separately make a reservation to access the mountain?

A mountain access reservation is included with the purchase of a ski school lesson. Pass holders will not need to make a separate reservation. A lift ticket or eligible pass product will be required if the student will be riding a lift.

Will you still be able to sign up for lessons day-of, on-site?

Lessons will need to be purchased in advance – no walk-up, day-of lessons will be available.

Will kids ski school still include lunch?

Most of our full-day children's ski and ride school programs will continue to include lunch. We will allow for physical distancing and limit the amount of time indoors.

What will happen to season-long and specialty programs this season?

Most season-long youth programs will continue. As the season approaches, each of our resorts will announce additional details on their programs and any changes that will be required.