Ski and Snowboard FAQ

When can I register for 2019/2020 Ski & Snowboard School Programming?

Registration will be open after Labor Day.

How do I register for lessons?

Register online by simply clicking the “Buy Now Button”, completing the form and submit payment.

If there is no Buy Now Button, you must contact a Booking Coordinator at 651-436-5245 X277. For example Private Lessons, as we do ask for a lead time fo 48 hours to ensure instructor availability.


How early do I have to register?

Most single-day group lessons can be purchased online 48 hours or more before the lesson start time.  Multi Week Program require registration 7 days or more before the first day of the session. For private lessons, please call us at least 48 hours ahead of time to register to ensure instructor availability. 

If it is less than 48 hours before the single-day lesson time or 7 days before the program start day, please call us to register or stop in one of our Ski and Snowboard School offices at least an hour or so before the lesson time.  We may still have room in the lesson or program and the early registration discount will not apply if selecting an applicable program.


What discounts are available for lessons?

We offer early registration discounts for some lessons and programs.  Please see the lesson description pages for more information. Registering in advance ensures program availability.  


Are lift tickets included in the lesson price?

You must have a lift ticket to be in a lesson. Lift tickets are not included in the lesson price unless noted in the Fine Print.  For example; I Will Ski, I Will Ride, and Epic Kids Early Registration Package.  Some Multi Week Programming offers a discounted lift ticket and rental equipment. Please see the specific lesson description to learn more. 


Are equipment rentals included in the lesson price?

Equipment rental is not included in the lesson price unless noted in the Fine Print.  For example;  I Will Ski, I Will Ride, and Epic Kids Early Registration Package. Some Multi Week Programming offers discounted rental equipment. Please see the specific lesson description to learn more.



Can my kids (different ages) ski in the same group lesson?

Classes are divided by ability and age. We don’t guarantee that kids of different ages can be in the same lesson but you can request that when you register for lessons.



What is the youngest age that can participate in lessons & programming at the Ski & Snowboard School?

Group lessons start at age 4.  Private for Tot lessons depend on the child.  All children must have independant restroom skills and be willing to ski or snowboard.  Please contact our Booking Coordinator at 651-436-5245 X277 if you have additional questions.



What Level ski/snowboard lesson should my child or I take? What level am I?

For group lessons and multi-lesson programs it’s important that you indicate the appropriate level of skill for you or your child.  If you or your child’s skill is between levels or you’re unsure of your skills, choose a lower level to ensure the best learning experience and for safety.  If we need to, we will move you or child to different lesson for a more appropriate level of challenge.



When I get to Afton Alps, where do I go for my lesson?

If you or your child is in a multi-day program, you’ll receive an email with more information and a meeting place. 

For children’s weekend and holiday lessons, please go to our Meadows Children’s Learning (CLC) Center at the North East corner of the resort. See map

For most adult lessons, meet at the Alps Ski and Snowboard School between Guest Services and the Rental Shop at the main Alps chalet area.  See map

Private lessons can start anywhere in the resort that you choose.  Most private lessons start at the Alps Ski and Snowboard office or Meadows Children’s Learning Center.  Please discuss your meeting place with your Booking Coordinator.



When should I arrive at Afton Alps for my lesson?

Please arrive for your lesson early.  We recommend checking in at least an hour before the lesson time to allow time to proceed through rental shop and to complete any necessary waivers if applicable.  On busy weekends, holidays, school break periods, you may want to allow more than hour to ensure adequate time for parking.



Do I need to accompany or be with my child for lesson check-in?

Yes, please accompany your child to check-in for lessons. You may also need to fill out paperwork such as a release of liability form for your child prior to them entering into the lesson.

Depending on your child, you may choose to watch some of the lesson from the side of the hill or one of our chalets.  For the safety of you and other guests, we do not allow parents to stand or walk on or near the bottom of the hill.

Please pick up your child at the designated meeting place promptly at the end of the lesson.



Can I change or cancel my ski school reservations?

If you have registered for a lesson or program and need to make changes or cancel an existing reservation please call us at 651-436-5245 X277 at least 48 hours in advance for single day lessons and 7 days in advance for multi-day programs and we can process a full refund for you or make those changes for you depending on availability.

For single-day lessons, between 48 hours before and up to 5:00 PM the night before, we can refund 50% of the lesson price and the entire lift and rental price.

If you need to cancel the day of a single-day lesson, you’ll forfeit the price of the lesson and, if you purchased lift and rental with your lesson, they aren’t refundable but you can use them any time until the end of our winter season.  Please stop by the Ski & Snowboard School in the Alps to pick up your purchased lift ticket and rental equipment voucher.


What if my child is sick and unable to attend their lesson?

There are no make-up opportunities if you or your child must miss one of the days of a multi-day program.  If you purchased a lift ticket and/or rental package with the lesson, those may be used any day until the end of the season.  We kindly ask that you contact the Ski & Snowboard School if you are unable to make your lesson so we may communicate to your instructor as soon as possible.  



What happens if we’re late for a lesson/ski school?

Please check-in for your lesson or program at least an hour before its start time to allow time to complete necessary waivers, proceed and complete the rental process and prepare yourself.  

We cannot guarantee that we’ll be able to get you or your child into a lesson or that they will be able to catch up to a group that has already left the meeting place if you are late.

If you or your child is late for the lesson start, we may be able to upgrade you at an additional cost to a private lesson or place you in a group in a later lesson time that same day. This depends on many factors including the type of lesson, instructor availability, and the time of day.

Missed lessons are not refundable.



I had an EPIC Lesson!  Can I tip my instructor?

We are thrilled that you had such an awesome lesson. We would love to know about your experience, so please feel free to share with our office staff - as we love to celebrate and give a shout out to instructors that give epic experiences. Although not required, you are welcome to tip your instructor.



This is my first time skiing or snowboarding. Are there any great tips for success?

Dress in layers.

Your first layer should be wicking material. Wool or sport performance materials work best.  Your second layer should be wool or poly-fleece. Your outer layer or layers should include insulation, wind resistance and water resistance.

Socks are important.

Choose socks made for skiing or snowboarding for the most comfort.  Your second best choice is any smooth wool sock. Avoid cotton socks. Wear a separate pair of socks to the ski area so you can put on a fresh dry pair of socks just before you put your boots on. You may also want to bring an extra pair of socks to change into mid-day.   Socks are the only clothing that should be inside your boots. Do not tuck pants into your boots.

Hand Protection

Insulated, wind resistant gloves or mittens are best. Knit gloves or mittens are not a good choice for skiing.  Hand warmers are popular with skiers and can be purchased in the Afton Alps Retail shop and Ski & Snowboard School


Helmets are REQUIRED for all Ski & Snowboard School participants aged 17 and younger.  We strongly recommend helmets for all of our guests . Some people prefer to purchase their own helmet or you can rent one here. Helmets are part of all Rental Equipment Packages.     


Snow sports goggles will help keep your eyes safe and comfortable. They can also be purchased at the Afton Alps Retail shop. Sunglasses are a good second choice for daytime lessons.

Sun Safety

Wear sunblock during the day.


Children should use the restroom before meeting the instructor at the lesson start time.


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