Youth-Teen 7-17

Single Day Lessons

Private Lesson

Arrange for a personalized, private ski, snowboard or telemark lesson tailored to your individual skill level and learning style. Taught by one of our experienced instructors, a private lesson is the quickest way to improve your skills. (ages 7+)

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Private Race Skills

Are you looking for a competitive edge to help you move to the next level with racing? Or, are you considering trying racing for the first time?  Private Race Skills lessons are taught by our highly qualified race coaches and are designed to help you master the skills needed to be successful in slalom and giant slalom courses.  

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Private in the Park

 Is your inner adventure seeker is longing to explore the terrain park? Private in the park is designed to give you a customized lesson that will help you navigate the terrain park world. Learn More
Epic Kids Group Lessons Our 1-day group lessons for kids age 4 to 12 who want to have fun and improve their skiing or riding. Participants will enjoy a half-day of winter fun while developing and improving their skills! Learn More
Group Lesson Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate skier or boarder, a Group Lesson is an excellent way to develop and improve your skills, increase your confidence and get more enjoyment from the sport. (ages 13+) Learn More
First-Time Beginner Group Lesson Afton Alps loves to work with first-timers. We want to see more happy people on the snow. Our instructors are here to get you started on the right foot...or ski (or board). Enjoy a relaxed learning environment and join us as we put the fun in your fundamentals. (ages 13+) Learn More


Programs & Camps

Mountain Explorers

It is a great first step in the progression through our children’s ski school programing. A five-week series for kids ages 4 to 10. Over the five weeks, they will develop their skills and passion for the sport.

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Mountain Adventurers

Mountain Adventurers is the next step in the progression through our children’s ski school programing intended for older participants and stronger skiers and boarders than Mountain Explorers. A five-week series for kids ages 7 to 12.

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All Mountain Team

For 12 to 17 year olds, this 11-week program is aimed at developing exceptional, versatile skiers. Over the course of the program, participants will ski moguls, spend time in the terrain park and train in gates. This is the perfect program compliment a high school race program. 

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Ski Girls Rock

Ski Girls Rock, a previously Vail Mountain-exclusive program,  is returning for its fourth season at Afton Alps .

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Team Afton-ARC " Try It" 

If your child or teen is curious about alpine ski racing, we created an easy “Try It” program to give your child a chance to test it out before committing. The one- day Team Afton ARC  “Try It” camp will help your child see how much fun racing can be. Learn More
Team Afton-Freestyle "Try It"  If your child or teen  is curious about our freestyle competitions and training, we created an easy “Try It” program to give your child to a chance to test it out before committing.  The one-day Team Afton Snowboard and Twin Tip Freestyle Team “Try It” Camp will help you child experience the fun of a freestyle program. Learn More

Children's Holiday Camp


 Nothing to do for your holiday break?  Come over to Afton Alps and check out our holiday camps!  We have a fun and entertaining program for kids at any level between the ages of 4-12. Learn More
Team Afton-Thanksgiving Camp   A three-day camp race training camp designed to get you ready for the season. This camp is perfect for racers competing in MSDL (ARC), high school or college racing. (ages 7 to 21) Learn More

Team Afton-Holiday Camp

 A five-day camp race training camp designed to boost your performance just before the main part of your season. This camp is perfect for racers competing in MSDL (ARC), high school or college racing. (ages 7 to 21) Learn More


Racing & Competition

Team Afton-ARC ARC is a recreational program that introduces participants aged 7 to 17 to alpine ski racing in a fun and friendly environment. Over the 11 weeks, athletes will improve their fundamental skiing skills while free-skiing and will work on race tactics during gate training. Learn More
Team Afton-ARC Tuesday Gate Training For a more intensive training experience, we offer Team ARC members can join Tuesday Night Gate Training. A mix of SL and GS training under the watchful eye of experienced ARC coaches. Learn More
Team Afton-Snowboard and Twin Tip Freestyle The Afton Alps Snowboard/Twin Tip Freestyle Team’s mission is to give young snowboarders and twin tippers an opportunity to develop and enhance their skills through participation in a high quality program that emphasizes safety, fun, and learning. Learn More
Team Afton- Freestyle Training- Throw Down Thursday Throw Down Thursdays at the Terrain Park. This is a chance to hone your tricks in our exceptional terrain park. You will be coached by our Team Afton Freestyle coaches for a fun, high-energy experience. Learn More
Team Afton-USSA Rising Stars

USSA Rising Stars is an advanced alpine race program designed to provide young athletes with a successful transition into USSA* racing.  Rising Stars is specifically designed for athletes who are competing in the U8 through U12 age groups.

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Team Afton-USSA The Team Afton USSA* Program provides U8 through U21 (ages 7-20+) athletes with a higher level of training and racing opportunities.  Learn More
Team Afton- USSA Associate Team Afton's Associate Program is designed for ski racers who do not want to compete in USSA, but want to supplement their training opportunities and gain a competitive edge for development team and high school team competitions. Learn More
Team Afton- Spring Training  Next season starts now at Team Afton. There’s a good chunk of snow-time remaining this season - we have 20+ scheduled practices and some post-season training still to be announced! Are you a High Schooler with designs on next season's triumphs?

D-Teamer/ARC'er who wants more training this season? Join us well into March - who knows, maybe April! Get ready for next season, and maybe even think about racing USSA!

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