What to Wear

What to Wear: The Ultimate Afton Alps Guide to dress for winter success!

One of the best ways to ensure a positive experience is to dress appropriately. Staying warm and dry will help keep you comfortable, safe, and having fun!


Dress in layers! You can add or remove as needed.

*Pro Tip: Do NOT ski in jeans! Jeans get wet and won’t dry quickly. Wet jeans will get heavy and cold, and won’t contribute to a fun first-time experience.

HH Women Base LayerHH Junior Mbase Layer

Base Layers: This is the layer that will lay closest to your skin and provide insulation. Wool or synthetic fabric is recommended. Cotton is not ideal. A thin pants layer on the bottom and form-fitting long-sleeves on top.

We recommend the HH Lifa Products which is quick-dry, breathable and super lightweight. Check out the Men's HH LIFA ACTIVE ½ ZIP, the Women's LIFA MERINO ½ ZIP, and the JR HH LIFA MERINO SET.

Mid-Layers: The second layer is your mid-layer. An insulator jacket or fleece is a standard mid-layer because it is appreciated for its warmth and comfort.

With increased warmth, lightweight insulation and superior moisture management properties, Lifaloft™ technology is an insulation revolution that will keep you warmer with less weight and bulk compared to traditional polyester insulation. The Men's LIFALOFT™ HYBRID INSULATOR JACKET and the Women's LIFALOFT INSULATOR JACKET are great examples!

For your Junior, the DAYBREAKER 2.0 JACKET is a perfect lightweight fleece jacket for any occasion.

HH Men Mid LayerHH Junior Mid Layer
HH Women Outer LayerHH Junior Outer Layer

Outer Layers: This is the layer that will help keep you dry and protect against wind. You will want a waterproof jacket.

The ALPHA 3.0 JACKET is a jacket built with a Helly Tech® Professional outer fabric that keeps you dry, warm or cool depending on the conditions. The Women’s ALPHELIA LIFALOFT JACKET, also built with a Helly Tech® Professional outer fabric, also features the lightweight warmth of LIFALOFT™ insulation. The JR SKYHIGH JACKET is fully waterproof and is great for any junior on and off the snow.

Snow Pants: Similar to the outer layer on top, a waterproof outer layer on the bottom is key to staying dry and warm. Insulated pants are recommended.

Jr Legendary Pant (1)

Socks: Thin, warm, and long, well-fitting socks are key! This is insulation for your foot and calf under your boot. Wool or synthetic fabric is recommended to help wick sweat and moisture away. Cotton is not ideal.


*Pro Tip: Wear only ONE pair of socks! Extra socks will over-crowd the boot, restrict blood circulation, and won’t help keep you warm.

Gloves or mittens: Waterproof gloves or mittens are a must on the hill. Go with something insulated or find a thin glove liner to wear as a base. Gloves
Oakley LINE GogglesOakley CLIFDEN Sunglasses

Goggles or sunglasses: On a warmer and sunnier day, sunglasses will work fine. On colder, snowier days or at night we recommend goggles to protect your eyes.

Oakley® has a fit for everyone with their FALL LINE XL AND XM Goggles. They also have a range of sunglasses that push the boundaries of frame and lens protection with their launch of CLIFDEN SUNGLASSES.

Winter Sports Helmet: Not only will a helmet keep your head safe, it will also keep you warmer than a hat will! Helmets are required for all lessons. If you don’t have a helmet, we rent them!

The Oakley® MOD 1 HELMET was inspired by the skate helmet and expands the snow helmet line.


*Pro Tip: On especially cold days, a thin beanie under your helmet will help keep you even warmer. Nothing bulky or with poms though or the helmet won’t fit properly.

Oakley MOD 1 Helmet
Change of clothes: In case your clothing gets wet or you want a warm set of clothing to change into after your lesson.  Neck warmer: Recommended in colder temps. You can purchase one in the Retail Shop.

SNACKS!: Make sure you have the energy to be great out there! Our Grab and Go in the Main Lodge has a wide selection of snacks that are great to sit down and eat, or throw in a pocket and have out on the slopes!

We recommend NATURE VALLEY SNACKS with ingredients like whole grain oats and power-packed wholesome peanuts, almonds and nut butters,to give you real energy, wherever and whenever you need it.

 Nature Valley
Forget Something? Don’t worry, stop by our Retail Shop!