Frequently Asked Questions

What sliding devices are allowed on the mountain?

Vail Resorts allows the following sliding devices at our resorts: 


SKIS:  Allowed with a working brake binding system or a retention device.


SNOWBOARDS: Allowed with a retention device (Snowboard binding considered ok)


TELEMARK SKIS: Allowed with a retention device or a working brake system. (Please be aware of releasbale telemark bindings as they typically do not have a retention device)


MONOSKIS: Allowed with a working brake system or retention device.


SNOWBLADES (figgles): Allowed with a retention device.


Below are a few examples of what Vail Resorts does NOT allow for alternative sliding devices at our resorts which includes but not limited to the following devices:

SNOWSKATES/SNOWDECKs: Allowed, but must have metal edges and a leash. The leash must be attached between you and the board when you are on  the slopes. You must keep the board secure when riding the chairlift. (The board can't  dangle below the chairlift seat on the leash).

SNOW TRIKES : NOT Allowed: neither sit down nor stand up versions (too wide of a foot print to load/unload chairlifts safely) 

SNOWBIKES (bicycle conversion): NOT Allowed (bikes not allowed to have gears/chain/wheels/tires or crank assembly)

PLASTIC SNOWBOARDS: NOT Allowed (plastic snowboards that not have metal edges)



TOBOGGANS/TUBES: NOT Allowed (except in designated venues, i.e. Adventure Ridge, Point, etc.) 

This list is subject to change at any time.